Recording Sensors

Q-metrx offers the The HydroDot® System as a quick and accurate method for placing electrodes using the International 10/20 System.


Q-Metrx offers starter kits for the HydroDot® EEG Electrode Application System, consisting of the EzeNet® headpiece and the HydroDot® biosensor disposable electrodes. HydroDot® is a patented system for applying electrodes to the head of a patient in order to perform an EEG.

EzeNets® open net design allow for easy access to patients’ head and electrode sites, and have a lifespan of 500+ uses.

Disposable HydroDot® Biosensors come in convenient packs of twenty-four, enough for one patient. They snap quickly into sockets on the EzeNet® headpiece. Because they are disposable, they reduce the risk of cross-contamination

Cost analysis has shown that the HydroDot® Systems total cost of labor and supplies is almost the same as or even lower than traditional electrode applications. Take into account the ease of application, improved patient comfort and reduced risk of infection, and the HydroDot® System becomes the clear choice.

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