Q-Metrx, Inc

Q-Metrx is the complete solution for qEEG Recording and Interpretation. We provide:

The Complete Solution For Your EEG Needs

We offer recording systems and sensors, and a complete quantitative EEG analysis, interpretation, and reporting service. We also provide suggestions for neurofeedback providers based on qEEG results.

Training and Education

We recognize the importance of training and education in use of EEG and Quantitative EEG in clinical practice. Q-Metrx, Inc. offers weekend programs as well as on-line webinars on topics in clinical assessment, intervention, and documentation of outcome for neurofeedback providers. We are currently offering a DVD course for BCIA Continuing Education credit. For more information, go to our Training Page.

We Offer Quality Sleep Facilities

The Valley Sleep Center is a subsidiary of Q-Metrx, Inc. and provides a full-service diagnostic and therapeutic sleep facility for patients in the Los Angeles region. The Valley Sleep Center also is actively involved in clinical research studies on sleep disorders and instrumentation for monitoring sleep activity. To learn more about Valley Sleep Center, click here.

We are at the Cutting Edge of Research

Q-Metrx, Inc. staff are actively involved with research projects, allowing us to keep up to date with the latest research and give back to the community at the same time. We work in association with major pharmaceutical companies and contract research organizations to provide staffing, instrumentation, and expert data analysis, interpretation, and statistical evaluation in drug development studies.