About Us

Our History

Q-Metrx was incorporated in 1999 and provides high quality EEG related services to researchers. Beginning with only three employees the company now retains a staff of administrative personnel, EEG and Sleep technologists, as well as independent consultants who work closely with the company


Are there advantages in selecting Q-Metrx for your clinical trial?
Yes! We are classified as a small business and our capabilities are excellent at every level: from assisting in protocol design to data collection and analysis to publication.
Q-Metrx’s response time is fast and we have established a reputation for conducting complex protocol designs on time and at a competitive cost.

What are Q-Metrx’s best capabilities?
The simple answer is that we excel at being very reliable in conducting various complex procedures and having the talent and experience to execute multiple protocols concurrently in the same space.

Why was Q-Metrx selected for over 3 dozen clinical trials?
Because we have the experience, knowledge and technology.
Pharmaceutical companies and CROs, both large and small, have confidence that Q-Metrx can deliver clean data with robust analysis and reporting in various areas of neuro-diagnostic research.

Is all data cleaning, analysis and reporting performed in-house at Q-Metrx?
Nearly all data cleaning, analyses and reporting is performed in-house.
Services we cannot or do not provide are done by others with decades of experience in their fields of expertise with whom Q-Metrx has become aligned.